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Available for Workshops, Events, Retreats
Yoga4U LLC can customize a workshop to suit your groups needs.
These are some examples of workshops currently being offered:
• Tail of the Tale- Workshop on the Spine
• Spanda- Exploring the Pulsations of your Practice
• Pratyahara- Withdrawal of the Senses
• Awakening your Chakras
• Core Yoga- Moving from your Center
• The Ground Floor- A women’s workshop for Pelvic Floor Strength
• Learning the Art of Meditation
• Basics Yoga
• Learning to Flow; Transitions

Zen Night and Meditation

Saturday, October 20th

6:30- 8:30pm

West Valley Art Gallery

16126 N. Civic Center Plaza

Surprise, Az

I will guide you through a relaxing evening practice and meditation, followed by a cocktail reception.

I AM YOU Fundraiser

$35.individual/ $50. couple

Includes class and wine

Ignite Teacher Training

Advanced 300 Hour

Expand your horizons, deepen your knowledge, learn from E-RYT500 teachers teamed up with doctors in their respective fields.

  • 8-weekends, once a month 4 hours per day = 96 hours
  • 2-hours with mentor x 9 months = 18 hours
  • 2-hours homework with mentee X 8 months = 16 hours
  • 5 hours during the week x 9 months+45 hours                            (6:00-8:30 pm Tues & Thurs)
  • Reading = 25
  • 100 hours of non-contact

Starting in September 2018

Inner Layers

Saturday, August 4th

1:30- 4:30pm

Ignite Yoga Studio

If we neglect a layer of ourselves, then there is a lack of harmony between the body, mind, and spirit.
Join me for this 3 hour workshop as we delve into the Koshas (5 subtle layers of our being), and understand how they interact with our daily lives.
Experience the joy of pranayama,  and deepen your knowledge of meditation through a gentle yoga practice to prepare the body, and exploring different meditation techniques, followed by a guided Nidra.

A Therapeutic Approach


August 18- 19th

Ignite Yoga Studio

Join Donna and Reggie for 2 days of Therapeutic approach to your yoga practice.
A blend of Gentle yoga, Yin yoga, and Therapeutic yoga to improve mental and physical health.
Part I~ Therapeutic Approach with Donna
Learn gentle movements to balance muscles and alleviate pain due to common ailments.

Part II~ Yin for Fascia with Reggie
Part III~ Learning to use Props with Reggie

Pelvic Floor Workshop

Monday, October 8th

2:00- 4:00pm

Sun Health~ Colonade LaVita Room

Cost $10.00

Registration TBA

A Workshop to discuss Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, and exploring techniques and exercises to identify and strengthen these muscles.

The 5 Elements;

through Movement & Sound

Friday, October 12th

6:00- 8:00pm

with Donna & Lisa

Ignite Yoga Studio

Mahābhūta is Sanskrit for great element, and includes Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Space.

Each of these elements offers unique qualities to our experience of living.  And together, they are the basis for our connection with everything around us.
In this workshop learn how they appear in our bodies, using Postures, Nidra, and Sound to connect to these elements.

Pelvic Floor Workshop

Saturday, November 3rd


Sun City Grand

A Workshop to discuss Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, and exploring techniques and exercises to identify and strengthen these muscles.

Balance & Brains

Monday, November 5th

1:00- 3:00pm

Sun City Grand

As we age we begin to notice a decreased sense of balance, and we know that a fall can affect our lives drastically.
In this workshop we will work on exercises to improve your balance as well as exercises for improved cognitive ability with a mind/body connection.

Balance & Renewal

Saturday, January 12th


Sun City- Sun Dial Rec Center
Create balance in the body and harmonize the nervous system by working to tone the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve helps to regulate all of our bodily functions.
This workshop will include gentle movements and pranayama exercises to calibrate the nervous system, calming the body and mind.

Workshops and Events