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Available for Workshops, Events, Retreats
Yoga4U LLC can customize a workshop to suit your groups needs.
These are some examples of workshops currently being offered:
• Tail of the Tale- Workshop on the Spine
• Spanda- Exploring the Pulsations of your Practice
• Pratyahara- Withdrawal of the Senses
• Awakening your Chakras
• Core Yoga- Moving from your Center
• The Ground Floor- A women’s workshop for Pelvic Floor Strength
• Learning the Art of Meditation
• Basics Yoga
• Learning to Flow; Transitions

Sedona Yoga Festival

March 14- 17th, 2019

Join me for the 7th Annual Sedona Yoga Festival in beautiful Sedona.

 With more than 200 total classes, events, workshops and performances, plus presenters from both around the corner and around the globe, SYF2019 includes offerings for every level of yogi, from absolute beginner to master teacher.
Sedona Yoga Festival has all the elements of a traditional yoga conference: world-class presenters, exclusive workshops and top-billing artists.

Stay tuned for the announcement of my workshops.

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Balance & Renewal

Saturday, January 12th


Sun City- Sun Dial Rec Center

$10.00/ residents only

Create balance in the body and harmonize the nervous system by working to tone the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve helps to regulate all of our bodily functions.
This workshop will include gentle movements and pranayama exercises to calibrate the nervous system, calming the body and mind.

Anti-Arthritis Workshop

Wednesday, January 23rd

1:00- 2:30pm

Sun City Grand

Arthritis is progressive, therefore movement is crucial to the treatment to delay its progression. The slow, gently movements of yoga, combined with the ability to easily modify the postures, make yoga an ideal exercise for arthritis patients.

Learn to~

Increase Range of Motion

Increase Strength
Create Functional Movement Patterns

Reduce Pain & Inflammation

Balance and Brains

Friday, February 8th

1:00- 3:00pm

Sun City Grand

As we age we begin to notice a decreased sense of balance, and we know that a fall can affect our lives drastically. In this workshop we will work on exercises to improve your balance as well as exercises for improved cognitive ability with a mind/body connection. You will be standing for part of this class and can use a chair to steady yourself if you so desire.

The Ground Floor

Women's Pelvic Floor Health

Tuesday, March 26th

2:00- 3:30pm

Sun City Grand

A Workshop to discuss Pelvic Floor Dysfunction  and exploring techniques and exercises to identify and strengthen these muscles. If you are able to get up and down from floor, please bring a yoga mat or towel. If you choose, you can remain in your chair to work on exercises.

If you love to read and would like good conversation and insight on what you've just read, join me the first Thursday of each month for a discussion on the book of the month.

Everyone welcome, no charge or membership required.

November Read~

Warrior Pose  by; Brad Willis

Next Meet~

Thursday, December 6th at 12:15pm

Ignite Yoga Studio

14130 W. Indianschool Rd.

Ste. A-4,  Goodyear

 200 Hr Teacher Training


Starting February 15th, 2019
Friday: 5:30pm – 9:30pm
Saturday: 130pm - 5:30pm
Sunday: 1:30 – 5:30pm

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Ignite Book Club

Workshops and Events

Primal Journey Retreat

June 21- 23rd, 2019

Idllywild, Ca

Ignite your creative spirit.  Untap your intrinsic potential.
Featured in LA Yoga Magazine!

During this three-day, choose-your-journey mountainside retreat, you will evolve your creative energy though various yoga styles featuring live music, personal development opportunities, outdoor exploration and so much more.  Ignite your Path with daily activities that will dive into topics such as total body wellness and empowerment.  Personal development topics include becoming a person of influence and making your vision a reality.  Each day you will define your path with three yoga classes to choose from in the morning, numerous breakout sessions, special events, organic food and outdoor daily activities. 

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